Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) of biomolecules underlies the formation of a number of membraneless organelles (MLOs) or biomolecular condensates, which is associated with diverse physiological and pathological processes. LLPSDB v2.0 is a database in which all reported proteins involved in LLPS in vitro and the corresponding experimental conditions are collected, organized and stored(until 2021.3). The database provides various information, including protein species, biological function, protein sequence, modifications on specific amino acids, its ability of coalescing with other proteins or nucleic acids, etc.. The specific experimental conditions such as salt concentration, temperature, pH, crowding agent, detected techniques, phase behavior and so on are curated manually in each entry. In addition, related databases such as Uniprot, MobiDB, OMIM, PubMed etc. are linked.

What's new?

    In comparison with previously released LLPSDB (referred as LLPSDB v1.0), not only more than double contents of data are curated in LLPSDB v2.0, a new class “Ambiguous system”, in which complex mixture formed by proteins or proteins and nucleic acids such as nucleosome, which undergoes LLPS in vitro, is recorded. In addition, in “Search” module, users can search the database by selecting the option “Phase separation status” (including “phase separation”, “no phase separation” and “phase diagram”) alone or combining with other options. Totally, now LLPSDB v2.0 collected data of 321 articles, incorporates 2917 entries with 586 independent proteins and 6678 specific conditions. This updated version would serve as a more comprehensive and helpful resource for users.


    X Wang, X Zhou, QL Yan, SF Liao, WQ Tang, PY Xu, YZY Gao, Q Li, ZH Dou, WS Yang, BF Huang, JH Li and ZQ Zhang. LLPSDB v2.0: an updated database of proteins undergoing liquid-liquid phase separation in vitro. Bioinformatics. 2022.13;38(7):2010-2014.(DOI:10.1093/bioinformatics/btac026)

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